Measuring body temperature is one of the basic ways of early diagnosis of the disease, as well as an indication for laboratory tests and quarantine of people with fever.
Constant temperature control along with other activities such as insulation or the obligatory wearing of protective masks is the basis for effective fight against the threat of virus.


RAPID DETECTION OF PEOPLE WITH ELEVATED TEMPERATURE This solution was designed for early, mass diagnostics flu in schools. Its usefulness has been verified in hundreds of applications, preventing virus transmissions and thus absenteeism in production plants, logistics centers, refineries, penitentiary facilities, office buildings, critical infrastructure facilities, schools and kindergartens.

The most important features of the set:

temperature measurement accuracy +/- 0.3 ° C - using the NV-BBUcalibration device

simultaneous measurement of up to 16 people in less than 1s

no false alarms - thanks to advanced image analysis, the measurement ismade only in the upper part of the face

the measurement result is assigned to a specific person and together withthe snapshot is stored in a database, which facilitates subsequent analysis.

High measurement accuracy of +/- 0.3 °C is crucial for quality assessment and results from the use of two unique elements: the NV-BBU calibration unit and the dual camera with face recognition NVIP-2H-8912M / TS. Thanks to the face recognition algorithm, the temperature is measured only in the forehead and eyes. Especially the corners of the eye, where the upper and lower eyelids meet reflects the best the actual temperature of the human body.

CMS software is a powerful tool for managing information related to temperature measurement. Many individual temperature measurement sets can be attached to the application. The basic graphical interface of the application consists of two camera streams, current measurements of people's temperature and an alarm recognition field.

All exceedances of the defined range of measured temperatures are displayed in the additional CMS window for the person operating the system. They can also control other sound and / or optical sirens via alarm outputs.

To get familiar with all possibilities of the system, we encourage you by making an appointment directly via e-mail: for an individual show.

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