Cavius HUB

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154,00 EUR

Description You will get a push notification when it’s time to test your alarm, to replace batteryor if your Cavius alarm sounds. You can also directly test your alarm from the App without having to climb dangerously on a chair. Give each device a unique name to locate the activated device (Eg. smoke livingroom, heat kitchen, smoke bedroom, flood basement). Previous models will also work with the Cavius App You will know the status of your door or window with the Cavius Door & Window sensor – do not run throughout the whole house to make sure everything is closed and receive push notification when you are away for a better everyday peace of mind. Together with the Cavius movement sensor, Intruders will not go unnoticed. You can activate Neighbourhood watch, by adding any e-mail address to the warning list. Either temporarily or permanent. • Get an early warning on your smartphone • Compatible with Cavius Wireless Family • Create a safe & Secure home • Free App and no service fee • Online security • Neighbourhood watch • Easy mounting & installation • Works with the Google Assistant

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Works with the Google Assistant! Cavius hub will allow you to control the entire Cavius Wireless Family with your smartphone and/or tablet. Through the Cavius App, you can now easily manage all your Cavius devices and get vital information wherever you are.