Smoke alarm RF, 10Y 78mm

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Description BATTERY TYPE: Non-replaceable 10 year battery (pack of 2 CR123A Lithium batteries) BATTERY LIFE: Minimum 10 year life in normal operating condition (Based on a weekly testing) LOW BATTERY INDICATION: A short acoustic “beep” will sound and LED flash every 48 seconds when the voltage is below 2.85V. In this stage it will continue for minmum 30 days, and can drive the alarm for 4 minutes. NORMAL OPERATION: LED flashes every 48 second for normal operation SOUND: Audible indicator min. 85 dB @ 3 meter in anechoic chamber SOUND PATTERN: Fire alarm condition is indicated by a series of three successive tones VISIBLE INDICATOR: A red LED is used to indicate the following conditions: fire alarm condition is indicated by a flash every 0.5 seconds. smoke sense speed up is indicated by a flash every 2 seconds when the smoke level is at the alarm threshold. normal operation is indicated by a flash every 48 seconds. PRODUCT WEIGHT (GR): Base alarm weight (excluding screws, plugs and mounting ring): 96 g DETECTION TIMING: The alarm makes an optical reading every 8 seconds.At unusual readings (going into alarm stage), the readings are taken every 2 seconds. APPROVALS: EN 14604:2005 + AC :2008 EN60065 EN300-220 ROHS REACH AWARDS: Red Dot Design Awards

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Meet the Cavius Family: 10 year smoke alarm Cavius expertise is now extended to the world of wireless technology, with a new smoke alarm specifically designed to perfectly fit the modern family’s need for home safety. Your whole home is now under control. Its 78mm cone shape body includes an optical 10 years battery life smoke alarm device with wireless interlink, to be connected within a house group and with other alarms from the Cavius Wireless Alarm Family. Its wide and easy to access test button will allow you to check its penetrating sound of 85dB(A) at 3 meters, or to activate a 10 minutes pause function.