KDH-KZ6000FR/IP 2MP HD Temperature Measurement & F

Price: 1565,00 EUR
2MP HD Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition Terminal; 8 inch LCD screen High-accuracy IR body temperature measurement Non-contact body temperature measurement Human-sounding voice prompt Real-time face mask detection Face liveness detection technology distinguishing real faces from non-real face spoof attacks Highly accurate face recognition using deep learning algorithm Stand-alone device, ready for networking


Price: 20990,00 EUR
The set consist of: 1 x IP camera with body temperature measuring feature NVIP-2H-8912M/TS 1 x Black body calibration unit NV-BBU 1 x CMS software 1 x ceiling mount NVB-BRTS1 (for the camera) 1 x ceiling mount NVB-BRTS2 (for the calibration unit) Important features: up to 16 people simultaneus measurement within less than 1s; reducing number of false alarms thanks to VCA - the measurment is limited to detected face only; measured temperature value is assigned to specific person, captured image and temperature value are both stored in a databse in order to carry out further analysis