Price: 9,30 EUR
Wall bracket for the XD range of detectors 45° left and right adjustability (90° total) Adjust up and down to maintain the perfect installation Compatible with all wired and wireless XD detectors Thick polycarbonate


Price: 5,50 EUR
Ideal for use with the XDH10TT-AM Use in conjunction with the XD-WALLBRACKET Extend coverage angle to 90 degrees


Price: 79,70 EUR
Tri-Signal Detection Logic Anti-Sway Analytics Tri-Anti-Masking Technology Digital Temperature Compensation 3 Microwave frequency bands Built-in walk test buzzer Weatherproof sealed optics Heavy duty ultraviolet filter 10m volumetric coverage Optional heavy duty wall bracket


Price: 79,70 EUR
Tri-Signal Detection Dual-Vision Pet Immune Anti-Masking Anti-Blocking Anti-Sway Analytics Blue Wave Technology (BWT) Multi-configurations Weatherproof Heavy duty design Adaptable coverage Flexible installation Easy setup